Heartwarming encounters with nomadic families and an appreciation for the vast and ever-changing landscape make traveling overland through Mongolia as enjoyable as reaching the destination. This epic off-road adventure will traverse the entire country from south to north using 4-wheel-drive vehicles. Our extensive route is one of the most ambitious off-road expeditions ever undertaken in Mongolia and we will encounter undiscovered regions where the rest of the world seems a million miles and a few hundred years away.
To the north we will explore ancient Lake Khuvsgul by kayak, considered the cleanest freshwater lake left on the planet. To the south we'll short camel trek through the mysterious desert the Gobi, wild and untamed. And in between we'll be embraced by the endless steppe as we travel with horseback, blanketed by the endless blue sky. From Yak to Kayak is one of our most unique adventures, allowing you to explore an ancient land with traditional modes of transportation.


when all group members arrived in Ulaanbaatar city, sightseeing in capital of Mongolia, visiting; Mongolian Buddhist center Gandan monastery, Natural History Museum, central square and Chinggis Khan’s Monument and Soviet memorial hill Zaisan for panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar city. And have a lunch and dinner in Mongolian traditional cuisine restaurant.

In days in desert the Gobi cruising group will have opportunity to experience short camel riding nearby extraordinary sand dune Khongor, visiting grave yard of last dinosaurs Flaming cliff and the one of the beautiful sites Ice Valley in middle of desert.
And in days of central Mongolia; the cruising will across Mongolian ancient capital Kharkhorin, chill out in hot spring pool and Great White Lake.
But, in northern part especially Lake Khuvsgul, short horse trekking, hiking and boating will be the main activities.

According to tour program the group will start their tour to desertic area and driving up to Northern Mongolia across central nomad’s land. And this tour can be divided by 3 sectors; desert the Gobi, Central Mongolia land of the truly nomads and Northern Mongolia that has crystal clear Lake Khuvsgul. 

Ice Valley or known as Yoliin Am
Singing dune or know as Khongor sand dune
Camel ride
Buddhist Monastery Museum Erdene Zuu (Kharkhorin ancient capital)
Great White Lake or known as National Park Khorgo Terkh
Crystal Clear Lake Khuvsgul
Horse ride

Ulaanbaatar city sightseeing
Rock formation (Baga Gazaryn Chuluu)
White Cliff (Tsagaan Suvarga)
National Park Three Beauties of Gobi desert
National Park Khugn Khaan Mountain
Ghengis Khaan’s ancient capital Kharkhorin and the Buddhist Monastery the Erdene Zuu
National Park Khorgo volcano and Terkh Lake
National Park khuvsgul Lake
Mongolian biggest river Selenge
Buddhist Monastery Amarbayasgalant

Cruising travelers
Group travelers
Family travelers

18 days
2 nights in Ulaanbaatar city, 16 nights in Mongolian countryside

Twin sharing standard hotel in Ulaanbaatar city
3 – 4 people in one Mongolian traditional dwelling style tourist camp