HISTORY; Mongolian state history begins from 209BC by Hunnu Dynasty. In hundreds of inner and outer clahes & war between dynasties and tribes the central Asian nomads finally united by Ghengis Khan and conquered almost half of the world in 13th century. The Mongolians first known in whole world by Great Mongol State that ruled by Ghengis Khan and his successors that used to rule the expanded territory that, stretched from current Korea to Black Sea, Russian Principals to Himalaya Mountain. And from 16th century Mongol State start to collapse and occupied by Manchu Dynasty in late 18th century. But, in the beginning of 20th century Mongols have renascence by communist way. After 75 years of communist era, the nationalism and democracy have won in 1990 by no life loss.

PRESENT POLITICAL SITUATION; Nowadays, Mongolia is landlocked country that, bordering with Russian Federation and Peoples Republic of China. Politically, Mongolia has diplomatic relations both Neighbors and third countries and highly motivated by non religious democratic solution. And Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world. And 2, 8 million populations have lived and worked about 100 years of western influence but, half of the population still keep their ancient life style, Nomadic. 
One of the countries that their economic growth transforms from agriculture to minig.

GEOGRAPHY; In 1,5 million square kilometer territory there are High Rocky Mountains with glaciers, hundreds of crystals and salted lakes, long and deep rivers that float in larch and pine forest in north, endless deadly desert which has extraordinary sand dune and oasis in east and southern region.

TOURISM IN MONGOLIA; The tourism has started in Mongolia since 1960 but, it was mostly for Soviet Union countries. After the democratic revolution in 1990, many of national travel agencies and tour operators working on improvement of national tourism standard.  Nowadays Mongolia has recognized to world as an adventure, exploring, Trans Siberian and business destination. The accommodations and travel service standards are usually very basic, and when the travelers head up to deep in the countryside, sometimes the basic standard cannot be supplied. And these kinds of matters make Mongolia more remote, mysterious and outstanding for real adventurers.

Mongolia is a landlocked country that bordering with Russian Federation and Peoples Republic of China. The capital city Ulaanbaatar(Red Warrior)  is the main start point of tour around the country. And there are mainly three ways to access Mongolia.

BY TRAIN: To take a train from Moscow/Russian Federation/ will take 5 days through Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk towns of Russia. And train from Beijing/Peoples Republic of China/ will take 30 hours through Erlian city of China. 

BY AIR: there are few international direct flights are available.
South Korea – MIAT(Mongolian Airlines), Korean Air
Japan – MIAT(Mongolian Airlines)
China – MIAT(Mongolian Airlines), Air China
Russia – MIAT(Mongolian Airlines), Aeroflot
Germany – MIAT(Mongolian Airlines), Aeroflot

in the north; Ulan-Ude city/Russian/ to Ulaanbaatar city there is 30 hours coach runs every day
in the south; from Erlian city/Chinese/ to Zamiin Uud town/Mongolian/ there are individual vehicles cross the border.

In the west; from Gorny Altai/Russian/ to Ulgii town/Mongolian/ there are individual vehicles cross the border. And from Daliang/Chinese/ to Khovd town/Mongolia/ there are individual vehicles cross the border.